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The Repository is an online collection of Binary Templates and Scripts that have been created by either SweetScape Software or other users of the software. 010 Editor can connect to the Repository, download and install files, and upload files to the Repository which can then be shared to other users. The Repository contains Binary Templates for a variety of formats including AVI, BMP, EXE, ICO, JPG, MP3, OGG, PNG, RAR, TIF, WAV, ZIP, etc. To install Templates or Scripts click either 'Templates > Template Repository' or 'Scripts > Script Repository' and see:

When a file is opened in 010 Editor, if a Binary Template is found in the Repository that can help understand data in the file then a dialog is displayed asking to install or ignore the template. For more information see:

Installing a Template or Script from the Repository copies the file to the Repository directory (see the Directory Options dialog) and also adds a record to the list of Installed Templates or Installed Scripts, as stored in the Template Options and Script Options dialogs. For more information see:

Once Templates or Scripts are installed they can be managed from either the Repository Dialog or from the Repository Menu. The Repository menu can be accessed by clicking the Repository icon in the top-right corner of a Script or Template or by right-clicking a Script or Template and selecting Repository. For more information see:

The Repository can even store multiple versions of the same file and allows viewing, updating, and merging between versions. For more information see:

To submit new files to the Repository or submit an update to an existing file see:

010 Editor periodically downloads updates from the online Repository. For more information see:

010 Editor even contains a copy of files from the Repository in a Local Repository, meaning some files can be installed from the Repository even when 010 Editor is used on a computer not connected to the internet. The Repository can also be viewed on the SweetScape Software website at 'https://www.sweetscape.com/010editor/repository/'.

This is the manual for 010 Editor, a professional hex editor and text editor. Use 010 Editor to edit the individual bytes of any binary file, hard drive, or process on your machine. 010 Editor contains a whole host of powerful analysis and editing tools, plus Binary Templates technology that allows any binary format to be understood.

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