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The General Options dialog contains options for the whole application. Access this dialog by clicking the 'Tools > Options...' menu option and selecting General from the list.


  • Startup Action - This drop-down list indicates what 010 Editor should display when first started. The default is Show startup page and restore open files meaning that all open files are reloaded from when 010 Editor was last run but the Startup Page is focused. If Show startup page is selected just the Startup Page is shown and no files are reloaded. If Restore all open files is selected, all files will be reloaded and the last file being edited will be focused. Alternately, 010 Editor can create a new file or display no tabs at all by selecting the Create new file or Display empty interface options respectively.

  • Allow Only One Instance of 010 Editor - If this flag is set, only one copy of 010 Editor is allowed to run at a time. If new files are opened from the Windows Explorer or elsewhere, they are loaded into the already-running program.

  • Hide Splash Screen on Startup - If enabled, this toggle will prevent the splash screen from displaying while 010 Editor is starting up. This option is only available if you have purchased a license of 010 Editor and entered your license information in the Register dialog.

  • Add 010 Editor to Windows Explorer right-click menu - If this toggle is enabled, an entry that says 010 Editor will be added to the Windows Explorer popup menu when you right-click on a file. Clicking the 010 Editor option will cause the file to be opened in 010 Editor.


  • Leave Large Blocks on Clipboard on Exit - When this toggle is set and the clipboard contains a large block of data on exit (over 4 megabytes), 010 Editor will copy this block onto the system clipboard. When not set, large blocks are discarded and will be unavailable to other programs after 010 Editor exits. Note that small blocks (under 4 megabytes) are automatically copied. 010 Editor supports copying large blocks (gigabytes in some cases) that the Windows clipboard cannot handle (the limit is about 16 megabytes on some systems). Therefore some blocks may not copy onto the clipboard properly if too much data is copied.

  • Limit Clipboard to Other Apps (Linux Only) - Some versions of Linux can crash when copying large blocks of data between applications. 010 Editor puts a limit on how many bytes can be copied from 010 Editor to other applications and enter the number of bytes in the Limit Clipboard to Other Apps field. If the checkbox in front of the field is unchecked then there is no limit. There is always no limit on the number of bytes that can be copied between files within 010 Editor.


  • Check For Updates/News Every - If this toggle is enabled 010 Editor will download any news, including notification of new releases, from our website and display it on the Startup Page. Enter the number of days between downloads in the Days field and note that new updates are not installed automatically. See the Startup Page for more information.

  • Show Popup when New Version is Available - When this toggle is enabled and 010 Editor discovers a new version is available while checking for updates, a popup window will be displayed. If the Check for Updates toggle is turned off a popup will not be displayed. Updates can also be checked manually by clicking the 'Help > Check for Updates' menu option on the main menu.


  • History List Size - Specifies the number of items to appear in the recent file history list. This affects the number of items on the 'File > Open Recent' list and the number of Recent Files in the Workspace (see Using the Workspace for more information).


  • Auto-Hide Bar Time - Some tools in 010 Editor are displayed as a bar at the bottom of the editor including the Find Bar, Replace Bar, Goto Bar, Select Bar, etc. When any of these bars are not used for a period of time, they will be automatically hidden. Enter the number of seconds of inactivity in the Auto-Hide Bar Time field before a bar is hidden. If the toggle to the left of Auto-Hide Bar Time is disabled, the auto-hide time will be ignored and bars will never be automatically hidden.

Click the Reset button to return all of the General Options to their default values.

This is the manual for 010 Editor, a professional hex editor and text editor. Use 010 Editor to edit the individual bytes of any binary file, hard drive, or process on your machine. 010 Editor contains a whole host of powerful analysis and editing tools, plus Binary Templates technology that allows any binary format to be understood.

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