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010 Editor - Testimonials

Our customers are saving great things about 010 Editor! The following is just a few of the completely unsolicited testimonials we have received from our clients:

"I just purchased 010 editor, after trialing it and several other hex editors. I chose it for its powerful feature set and clear presentation."
    - Bill Webster

"BTW, your package is simply the best on the net. I have downloaded most, and yours is the best interface, is fast, and gives me data that is very useful in my research."
    - Cameron Jones

"As is the case with most people using a hex editor, I'm a programmer. From one programmer to another, excellent job. This is a great piece of software."
    - Jonathan Lundberg

"Wow what a great tool. I need to reverse engineer a binary file format. This is the perfect tool for the job. It's almost fun."
    - Andrew Branch - Qarbon

"May I add that 010 Editor is one of the most impressive pieces of software I've ever seen."
    - Andrei Belogortseff - www.winability-software.com

"What a great product! Makes my life a lot easier."
    - J. MacAlpine

"I use 010 Editor for its hex editor functions... I have licenses for 3 commercial hex editors, if I had come across 010 Editor first, that would have saved me some money. There's nothing I've thrown at it it cannot do, it has by far the most powerful parser (aka template), with its own programming language (C/C++ style, so often I just paste my structure definitions). When I need to do something I've never done, like turn a binary file into an Intel Hex file, I just load it in 010, and unsurprisingly, 1 minute later, the job is done. Oh, and did I mention that I've asked for a few changes over the years, the answer always was along the lines of "ok we'll see what we can do" and they always included them! If you do anything low level, look no further... I guess it's to be expected that it's a very Sweet software ;)"
    - Jonathan F.

"I just wanted to mention that I recently purchased your 010 Editor tool to analyze low-level data streams coming from an embedded tool. Your tool has already saved me countless hours in debugging time. After spending just an hour or two building a custom template to sparse through these complex buffers, I can now take any data stream (some are several MB in size) and quickly analyze it within minutes. This task used to take me several hours manually. Without question, the 010 Editor is a great productivity tool. It's AWESOME!!!"
    - Rob

"First very nice program does exactly what I need to do. I have recommend this program to other engineers, as a way to convert files from text to formats suitable for downloading to hardware. Also, the tools for generating different checksums/CRC's are very helpful in deciphering other engineers specific formats for data exchange. Not all engineers speak the same language when specifying exchange formats. Thank You for Your Program"
    - Frank LeFever

"WOW! A real binary STRUCTURE editor with scriptable decompilation AND EDITING of any binary format. Reasonable price. Be sure to send them any structures you define so they can build a nice big library of templates."
    - James Newton (from website) - massmind.org

"I'm not a programmer. I work with seismic and well data, and I'm trying to figure out how to use some very old data in unknown formats. I've been able to use your editor to fix some of the seismic data, which is pretty cool! We used to have to go through a hundred difficult unix commands to do this stuff. My bosses are amazed!"
    - Lori Lynn Smith

"First I'd just like to say this is an amazing piece of software. I'm very impressed."
    - [Name Withheld]

"I continue to be extremely impressed not only with the product but with your responsiveness!"
    - Robert Kesterson

"I use your 010 Editor program about 1 year now, and although I don't use it daily, I like to express that it's an invaluable tool to me. It has helped me out many times. Keep up the good work!"
    - Henk Fikkert

"The 010 Editor is a very impressive and exquisite tool. It is exactly what I need as I develop an inverted file format for tables."
    - Rick Butterworth

"The thing I find most useful about 010 Editor is its very powerful Find and Replace engine. It lets me find floating point numbers by a given decimal tolerance and allows for the use of wildcards. These two functions alone are worth its entire price, in my opinion."
    - Vittorio Bosio

"Sweetscape is my fantastic work instrument. I'm a high roi CRM consultant, and use this software for my projects. Sweetscape is a incredible instrument for my work because it's so reliable! Thanks to the staff Sweetscape!"
    - Angelo Paglialonga - Consulente Crm ad alto Roi - Italy

All testimonials are used with permission. A free 30-day trial of 010 Editor is available from our Download page. To find out more information on 010 Editor view the 010 Editor Home Page.

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