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KB2010: How do I switch my license to another computer?

First note that we license 010 Editor per user not per machine, so you are allowed to have 010 Editor installed on multiple machines at the same time with the same license. However, if you are planning to stop using 010 Editor on a particular machine, please follow these steps:

  1. Make sure you have a copy of your current license written down somewhere and your current license can be seen by clicking 'Tools > Licensing...' on the 010 Editor main menu. Older versions of 010 Editor used 'Tools > Register...' to display this information.

  2. Remove your license from the current machine by going to the Licensing dialog ('Tools > Licensing...' on the 010 Editor main menu) and click the 'Remove my license from this machine' link.

  3. Uninstall 010 Editor either using the Windows control panel, or by clicking '010 Editor > Uninstall 010 Editor' on the Windows Start menu.

  4. Install 010 Editor on the new machine and activate your license by clicking 'Tools > Licensing...' and entering your license.

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