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KB2001: How does purchasing your software work?
When you install the software you may use it for up to 30 days. After that time, you must purchase a license to continue using it (this used to be called registering the software). Payment can be made through our MyCommerce secure online store by credit card, phone, mail, or fax. Note that there is a small fee for non-credit card transactions. After you purchase, you will receive a license code in an e-mail in a matter of minutes. Enter this license and the name you entered when purchasing in the 'Licensing' dialog box. If this dialog does not display automatically, it can be accessed by clicking 'Tools > Licenseing' on the main menu. Older versions of 010 Editor can enter licenses by clicking 'Tools > Register' on the main menu. Note that you don't need to download a new version of the software, you can just unlock the one already downloaded from the downloads page.

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