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KB1043: What is SHA256 and how do I calculate it?

SHA256 is a hash algorithm that can be used to verify the integrity of a downloaded file. To verify a file, first download a file from the 010 Editor Download Page. Next calculate the SHA256 for the file you downloaded. Many different utilities can be used to calculate SHA256 but most operating systems have a built-in command line program:

  • Windows - In a Command Prompt run:
    certutil -hashfile <filename> SHA256

  • macOS - In a macOS Terminal run:
    shasum -a 256 <filename>

  • Linux - In a Linux Terminal run:
    sha256sum <filename>

If 010 Editor is already installed, it can also be used to check the SHA256 for a file using 'Tools > Check Sum' on the main menu. Once a hash has been calculated, check that it matches the SHA256 file listed beside each download on the download page. If the hashes match then you can be quite certain that the file downloaded correctly and that it has not been tampered with.

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