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KB1008: 010 Editor failed to startup with a DLL error. Can you help?
This article applies to 010 Editor v2.1.3 and previous versions.

Earlier versions of 010 Editor may display a warning message about a conflicting DLL (some messages mention 'hhctrl.ocx') and then 010 Editor fails to startup. This problem was caused by an incorrect hotfix applied by Microsoft automatically and this hotfix has caused problems with a number of programs. We have released a work-around for their problem and you can download version 2.1.4 of 010 Editor here:

You may also download the new version 3 but you may have to pay an upgrade fee to use this software:

Alternately, Microsoft has released another hotfix which fixes their problem. This can be downloaded from the following link, but can be a little tricky to install:

More information about Microsoft's hotfix is available from their website:

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