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010 Editor Version 1.0 Press Release

For Immediate Release

Graeme Sweet
SweetScape Software

Understand and Edit those Cryptic Binary Files with 010 Editor

Charlottetown, PEI, Canada (September 25th, 2003) - SweetScape announces the availability of 010 Editor, a powerful editor for Windows 98/NT/2000/XP capable of understanding and editing binary files.

Binary files have always been difficult to edit, usually involving scanning through an endless number of bytes using a hex editor. Because of this difficulty, many companies are switching to text-based storage formats such as XML, when sometimes a binary format would be more suitable. Today, SweetScape presents a solution that allows binary files to be edited in an easy, intuitive fashion.

010 Editor uses a new technology called Binary Templates to separate a binary file into a series of elements. These elements are then organized into a data structure that can be edited using the 010 Editor interface. Binary Templates are extremely flexible and can be designed to work with practically any binary data format. A number of Binary Templates come pre-installed with 010 Editor. For example, open any BMP or ZIP file on your computer and you will be presented with the whole file separated into a data structure for easy editing.

Binary Templates are easy to write and appear similar to C/C++ structures; however, Binary Templates are much more powerful than structures since they are executing as a program. This difference allows complex expressions, functions, and controls statements such as if-else or do-while to be contained inside of the C/C++ structures.

Besides being able to understand binary files, 010 Editor also contains a full-featured hex editor with standard Cut, Copy, and Paste commands. 010 Editor is fast, capable of opening files of any size and copying large blocks of data to the clipboard almost instantly. Use the Find and Replace tools to search for any data type in a file, or add Bookmarks to mark important bytes. A number of sophisticated analysis tools are included such as Binary Comparisons, Histograms, and Check Sum/Hash algorithms. Import or Export files in many different formats or print hex bytes using the Print tools. If 010 Editor does not provide the functionality you are looking for, Scripts can be written using C/C++ syntax. An integrated expression Calculator using C/C++ syntax is also provided.

010 Editor is available now for $39.95(US) and may be ordered through our Web site at http://www.sweetscape.com/010editor/. You can download a free, fully-functional 30-day trial version from the same Internet site. For more information, contact SweetScape at 22 MacMillan Cres., Charlottetown, PEI, Canada, C1A 8G2, or through our website at http://www.sweetscape.com/.

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