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What's New in Version 6.0

SweetScape Software is happy to announce 010 Editor v6.0 which is now available as a 64-bit and a 32-bit download (32-bit programs can use a maximum of 2 GB of memory but a 64-bit program can use all the memory in the machine). Version 6.0 has a new look for the Startup page:

and a new look for the File Bar/Ruler above each editor:

Version 6 now supports regular expressions for all Find operations (enable Search with Regular Expressions in the Find Bar Options). For example, to search for all IP addresses in a file use the regular expression '\d{1,3}\.\d{1,3}\.\d{1,3}\.\d{1,3}':

As well Find speed is increased, up to 10 times faster on some searches. A new tutorial is included for learning to write Binary Templates:

Note that tutorials are located on the Help menu. The Template Results can now be exported as XML:

A number of new enhancements are included for example when closing multiple modified files a new dialog is displayed:

Plus much more. To download the latest version, please click the following link:

See also:

Version 6.0.3 - Sept 25th, 2015

  • Fixed a crash when a find occurrence was found on a line containing more than 65535 characters.
  • Fixed the line number was not being properly displayed in the Find in Files results for text files.
  • Fixed a problem opening file names on Mac OS X containing certain characters.
  • Fixed a bug using the number constant 0xffffffffffffffff in a script or template;
  • Fixed a crash when starting 010 Editor during the 30-day trial period and the system clock was set back (an error is now displayed).
  • Fixed a crash when using an invalid regular expression in a syntax highlighting rule.
  • Fixed the wrong number of pages being printing in certain cases when printing a hex file.
  • Fixed Export CSV of the Find results for Hex Bytes sometimes improperly included an extra linefeed.
  • Fixed the AddBookmark function was not properly using the UTF-8 character set for the 'name' parameter.

Version 6.0.2 - April 13th, 2015

  • Fixed problem opening physical drives on Linux.
  • Fixed error using 'Copy As > Copy as Base64' and 'Copy As > Copy as Uuencoding'.
  • Now display an error when an invalid character constant is encountered in a script or template.
  • Fixed FILETIME error in the Inspector on Linux/Mac 64-bit.
  • Fixed error in the first result using Find Strings on a custom range.
  • Updated color for the Welcome and New Version dialogs.
  • Fixed error in the documentation for the Exec function about the function's return value.
  • Fixed error message in the footer of the Manual on the Mac.

Version 6.0.1 - January 28th, 2015

  • Fixed crash on exit on some Mac OS X machines.
  • Fixed problem opening processes on 64-bit Windows.
  • Made the color of the Startup page darker (was too bright on some monitors).
  • Can now change or reset the color of the Startup page by clicking the 'Options' button on the Startup page.
  • Fixed some issues using some IME's with the hex editor.
  • Fixed bytes not being swapped correctly when printing and swap by group is enabled.

Version 6.0 - December 16th, 2014

The following is an overview of the new functionality in version 6.0 of 010 Editor:

  • 010 Editor is now available as a 64-bit program on Windows, Mac and Linux.
  • Searching with Regular Expressions.
  • Improved Find speed, up to 10 times faster in some cases.
  • Changed the style of the Startup page, Welcome page, and File Bar.
  • Added new 'Writing Binary Templates' tutorial to teach the basics of creating Binary Templates.
  • Can export the Template Results in XML format.
  • Can import Find results.

The following is a list of all new features in version 6.0 of 010 Editor:

  • General
    • 010 Editor is now available as a 64-bit program on Windows, Mac and Linux.
    • Redesigned Startup page which is automatically shown on startup (this can be changed with the Startup Action section on the Startup page).
    • The Startup page is automatically shown when all files are closed (this can be turned off with the Options button on the Startup page).
    • Redesigned Welcome page with a link to the new Writing Binary Templates tutorial.
    • When asking to save changes to multiple files (for example, when closing 010 Editor), all the files to save will be listed in a single dialog.
    • Redesigned style for the File Bar/Ruler at the top of each Editor Window.
    • When a file is modified by an external program, the dialog asking to reload changes has two new options: Always Reload and Always Ignore. Always Reload will continually reload the file if changes are detected and Always Ignore will not prompt for reloading any more.
    • The Floating Tab Group is automatically hidden when all tabs in it are closed (this can be turned off in the Editor Options dialog).
    • Moved Save Selection command to the File menu.
    • A popup message is shown when a new version of 010 Editor is available (this can be turned off with the General Options dialog).
    • Added 'Help > Check for Updates' to check if a new version of 010 Editor is available.
    • When created new files, the default linefeeds to use are now specified in the File Interface (see the File Interfaces page of the Options dialog).
    • When editing a word-wrapped line in the Text Editor, pressing the Home key twice goes to the very beginning of the line and pressing the End key twice goes to the very end of the line.
    • Exporting CSV from tables now exports strings as UTF-8.
    • When using Import Hex, the directory where the file was imported is remembered when using Save As to save the file.
    • 'Highlighting > Control Characters' now includes ASCII 127 by default (will need to reset the Highlighting options to take effect).
    • Clicking 'Help > Support by Email' now opens a web form which allows sending a message on all platforms instead of trying to use a local email client.
    • The current version number is now displayed in the Register dialog.
    • Increased maximum line width in the Hex Editor from 1024 to 16384 bytes.
    • Syntax Highlighting can now apply rules based on Regular Expressions.
    • Made text in the About dialog easier to read.
  • Mac OS X
    • Better support for fonts on Mac Retina displays.
  • Linux
    • Linux can now use Gtk styles if available.
  • Find
    • Can search with Regular Expressions (click Search with Regular Expressions on the Options panel of the Find Bar).
    • Improved Find speed, up to 10 times faster in some cases.
    • Default Find type for text files is now Text which searches for strings in the current character set of the file, whether that be ASCII, Unicode, UTF-8, etc.
    • The Find type ASCII is now just used for finding ASCII+ANSI strings (use the Find type Text to search for other character sets).
    • Can Import find results that were exported from the Find or Find in Files tabs (Import and Export can be done from the right-click menu of the results table).
    • Added a toggle to the Find Bar Options to prevent the Find Bar from disappearing after search.
    • Display a warning when more than 10000000 find occurrences are found (this limit can be changed or turned off using the Find Bar Options).
    • In the Find Bar Options, use the Use Custom Color toggle to apply a custom color for any search.
    • Fixed issues searching for very long arrays of hex bytes (more than 16384 bytes).
    • Now display an error when a read-error is encountered when searching on a Windows hard drive.
    • Increase the maximum line length in the Find results from 4096 to 65535.
  • Tutorials
    • Added new 'Writing Binary Templates' tutorial to teach the basics of creating Binary Templates.
    • Moved Tutorials to the Help menu.
  • Templates/Scripts
    • Can export the Template Results in XML format.
    • Can layout Template Results to the right of the Hex Editor Window by right-clicking the Template Results and choosing Template Results Position.
    • Exporting Template Results as CSV or XML exports strings in UTF-8 format.
    • Default file name for exporting Template Results now includes the file name.
    • Preprocessor #define now works with symbols that have previously been defined.
    • Added note to the manual about preprocessor constant _010_LINUX being defined on Linux.
    • New Functions
      • Added RegExMatch, RegExMatchW, RegExSearch, and RegExSearchW functions for searching within strings for regular expressions.
      • Added ExportXML function to export Template Results as XML.
      • Added FindStrings function to perform a string search similar to 'Search > Find Strings'.
      • New functions GetBackColor and GetForeColor can be used to query the currently active color.
      • Added GetMouseWheelScrollSpeed and SetMouseWheelScrollSpeed to get or set the current mouse wheel speed.
    • Function Updates
      • Can use regular expressions in the FindAll, FindFirst, FindInFiles or ReplaceAll functions with the 'method=FINDMETHOD_REGEX' parameter.
      • Memcpy/WMemcpy functions now have extra parameters 'int destOffset=0, int srcOffset=0' that can be used to read or write from the middle of an array.
      • Functions ReadLine, TextReadLine, TextWriteLine, TextReadLineW, TextWriteLineW, TextGetLineSize all have an option 'int includeLinefeed=true'. When this parameter is false, linefeeds are not included in the read, write, or size operation.
      • ReadByte/ReadInt/ReadShort/etc. now default to the position 'FTell()'.
      • Can retrieve the error code from a process called using the Exec function with the errorCode parameter.
  • Command Line
    • Use -line: to jump to a specific line in a text file.
    • Use -goto: to jump to a byte address, sector, line or short in a file.
    • -goto: supports the syntax from the Goto Bar (for example, use '-goto:+10,s' to skip ahead 10 sectors).
    • Set a selection from the command line using -select:<start>:<size> or -select::<size>.
    • Old syntax of using @ after a file name to set the cursor or selection is still supported but will be deprecated in the future.
  • Options
    • New option on General page: Show Popup when a New Version is Available.
    • Can set default linefeeds when creating new files on the File Interface page instead of the Text Editor page.
    • New Directories page used to control the initial directory when opening a file dialog box (open file, save file, import, export, open template, save template, open script, save script).
    • New option on Editor page: Auto-hide Floating Tab Group when All Files are Closed.
    • Moved options for the cache into a separate Cache page.
    • Ruler Color now effects the File Bar color as well.
  • Bugs
    • Fixed problem on Mac using the %Lx format specifier in Printfs.
    • Fixed some drives on Windows were not correctly displaying the last few sectors.
    • Fixed Find on some Windows drives would stop before reaching the end of the drive.
    • Fixed crash exporting a very large Find results from a text file.
    • Fixed Histogram percentages not always totaling 100% with some types of histograms.
    • Fixed problem displaying histogram for int64's.
    • Fixed crash calling a function in a script when the first character in the argument list was a comma.
    • Fixed issue where focus could be incorrectly grabbed from other applications in some cases.
    • Fixed cannot delete bookmarks that exist beyond the end of the file.
    • On Windows, fixed using file masks '.*' and '.' should match files with no extension.
    • Fixed crash using bookmarks on files with file names longer than 128 characters (no limit now).
    • Fixed a case where it was possible to cancel a Find in Files directory scan and get an incorrect progress state.
    • Fixed Replacing text with nothing did not show any text in the Find tab of the Output panel.
    • Fixed replace two spaces with nothing can cause a crash in certain cases.
    • Fixed right-click and Mark Selection End on an existing selection sometimes did not work as expected.
    • Fixed highlighting issue using Lock to Selection on the Find Bar with selections greater than 2 GB.
    • Fixed ensuring Inspector.bt is called when the selection size is changed.
    • Fixed opening a single file from the Windows Explorer right-click menu would sometimes not correctly restore previously open files.
    • Fixed crash with long Comparisons when sorting set to the Result column.
    • Fixed some address issues using Copy as Text Area.
    • Fixed bug writing 0x0d0a to a text file from a script when two linefeeds would be displayed instead of one.
    • Fixed bug with the FindFirst function searching up when a match occurs at the very top of the file.
    • Fixed some progress issues when doing a long Replace operation.

For a full list of changes in other versions of 010 Editor, please see the Release Notes.

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