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KB1040: How do I apply edits to drives on Windows, Mac OS X or Linux?

Drives may be edited within 010 Editor by clicking 'File > Open Drive...' on the main menu. However, to apply edits to drives or view certain drives in the Open Drive dialog 010 Editor must be run as an administrator first. How to run a program as administrator depends upon which OS you are using:

  • Windows - Right-click on the 010 Editor icon and choose 'Run as administrator'.

  • Mac OS X - Run the 'Terminal' application and on the command line enter 'sudo /Applications/010\ Editor.app/Contents/MacOS/010\ Editor'.

  • Linux - Go the terminal and cd to the directory where 010 Editor was installed (for example 'cd ~/010editor'). Then run the command 'gksu ./010editor'.

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